About Us

Our identity

Natural, cruelty-free skincare that combines a minimalist philosophy with maximum results. That’s our story at its simplest. Want to know more? Here goes.

Placing the natural world at the heart of our concept, we gathered an expert team of cosmetic scientists and artisanal producers to fuse centuries of herbal wisdom with the latest scientific advances. We practice care and kindness at every stage of the process, using our Seed-to-Bottle Philosophy®.

The result is a streamlined range of powerful products that give your skin the nourishment it needs, whether solo or in harmony as a complete regime. But that’s not all that makes us different.

  • Small, independent company based in SoCal? Check. 
  • Gender and age inclusive? Check. 
  • Innovative, ethical and sustainable materials and processes? You’ve guessed it: Check.
  • Transparent, traceable story for every ingredient with our Seed-to-Bottle Philosophy®? Check.
  • Community and charitable contributions? You bet. 

Inspired by nature, infused with science and crafted for you.

This Is It.

Our collection

Featuring just three carefully balanced formulas, our launch collection of NoTox Perfector, LiquidReset Serum and InstantNourish Cream embodies our philosophy of minimalist skincare meets maximum results. We’ve chosen the finest fresh botanicals, patented active ingredients and peptides from unique molecular distillation. It’s nature meets science.

NoTox Perfector 
Designed to visibly firm, lift and refine your skin, replacing invasive anti-aging procedures.

LiquidReset Serum
Created to revive, restore and protect your natural radiance with delicate hydration.

InstantNourish Cream
Provides 24-hour active support that adapts to your skin’s needs for intelligent moisturization.

Our Philosophy


Welcome to This Is It. Beauty, where we merge nature's wonders with meticulous craftsmanship to create something truly extraordinary.

Here, amidst breathtaking landscapes, we meticulously source premium ingredients sustainably. Our partnerships with independent growers and artisans are rooted in shared values, resulting in the unearthing of nature's treasures, from delicate flower petals to time-honored roots.

Spanning sun-drenched fields to mist-veiled European peaks, each harvest adheres to our rigorous Seed-to-Bottle Philosophy, guaranteeing unparalleled quality. With every step, we pay homage to the land and its stewards, leaving behind a legacy of reverence.

Utilizing age-old techniques, these botanicals are transformed into potent elixirs. We seamlessly blend ancient wisdom with cutting-edge science to craft formulations that nourish and revitalize, synergizing with nature's bounty.

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