Our Promise

At This Is It. Beauty, our commitment to the planet and its people is unwavering. We operate under our Seed-to-Bottle Philosophy®, ensuring meticulous care for every ingredient and individual involved in our process, from cultivation to creation. Our approach emphasizes transparency, selective partnerships with likeminded growers and creators, and an ongoing pursuit of improvement, blending simplicity with scientific innovation for products that deliver maximum benefits.

Ethical considerations are at the forefront of our operations, guiding every decision we make. We prioritize fair treatment of workers, sustainable sourcing practices, and minimizing environmental impact throughout our supply chain. Transparency is paramount, as we provide clear information regarding the origin of our raw materials, allowing customers to trace the journey of each element. We meticulously track the pedigree of every ingredient, ensuring full visibility into its origins and production methods. By upholding ethical standards and fostering transparency, we not only create exceptional products but also contribute positively to the well-being of communities and the planet as a whole.

Our promise to the planet, its oceans and its people is simple. We will always act with care and accountability at every step.

The embodiment of this is our Seed-to-Bottle Philosophy®, which ensures every ingredient – and every worker – is cared for from sowing to harvest and beyond. Here’s how it works:

  • We practice transparency and visibility at every step
  • We only work with growers and creators who share our values
  • We will always continue striving to find ways to keep improving, combining simplicity and science for natural products with maximum effects.

Our Philosophy


Welcome to This Is It. Beauty, where we merge nature's wonders with meticulous craftsmanship to create something truly extraordinary.

Here, amidst breathtaking landscapes, we meticulously source premium ingredients sustainably. Our partnerships with independent growers and artisans are rooted in shared values, resulting in the unearthing of nature's treasures, from delicate flower petals to time-honored roots.

Spanning sun-drenched fields to mist-veiled European peaks, each harvest adheres to our rigorous Seed-to-Bottle Philosophy, guaranteeing unparalleled quality. With every step, we pay homage to the land and its stewards, leaving behind a legacy of reverence.

Utilizing age-old techniques, these botanicals are transformed into potent elixirs. We seamlessly blend ancient wisdom with cutting-edge science to craft formulations that nourish and revitalize, synergizing with nature's bounty.